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Kay Bain Weiner Nonprofit Educational Foundation for Glass Art   

Art Glass Education

Category » Events & Programs » 2015 Glass Art Conference Workshops

Lisa Richardson-Bach
Hampton Inn & Suites  -  BOSTON, MA
October 9th, 10:00am - 4:00pm

A variety of FABULOUS techniques
for working with frit

Cathy Claycomb
Hampton Inn & Suites  -  BOSTON, MA
October 10th, 9:00am - 5:00pm
You may never make a flat glass panel again!


Mike Glotfelty
Hampton Inn & Suites  -  BOSTON, MA
October 10th, 9:00am - 12:30pm
Don't miss this great opportunity
to learn unique fusing techniques.




Cathy Claycomb will discuss the engineering behind her non-traditional stained glass techniques and unique design concepts including invisible reinforcement, floating rondels, surface embellishment, free standing glass and more.


Lisa will show you how to add depth to your work by fusing multiple layers of glass together including designing, planning, and pre-firing layers. Lecture will cover designing multi layered pieces, firing cycle considerations and more.


New innovative glass embellishments techniques for use on any size artwork in this hands on glass class. Satin Shimmers, Dicro Dazzlers, Paint Threads and 3D layering techniques with Dichroic Glass will be covered!



Design contemporary glass artwork without the constraints of lead, solder, flux or came!This class will celebrate iridized, textured, flapped, crimped, marked or bubbled glass to produce truly one of a kind art.


Explore all aspects of cold finishing for fused layered glass. Coldwork fired dichro pieces by cutting them on a ring saw, using a grinder to clean and shape the edges, and using an 8” lapidary wheel to shape and polish your creations into sparkling one of a kind jewels.


Make a beautiful bracelet or necklace using sparkling Czech fire-polished glass beads. A perfect project for beginners and experienced beaders.



Learn to design and cut stencils and the process of sifting, shading and layering powdered glass enamels onto glass using Peggy-Karr technique.


Take your hot glass to the next level with flexi glass, liquid stringer, vibe line maker, unique colors, high fire chalks, bubble powder, color blending, different grades of frit and many other unique accents. Experiment and make several ready-to-fire samples.


Create beaded accents and components using simple techniques and beautiful European glass beads. Then turn on your creativity and combine them in a wearable art piece of your own design.



Learn skills that will help you cut various types of glass efficiently and correctly. Explore various glass cutting tools and techniques.


Learn traditional lead came techniques including pattern preparation, safety, cutting the lead came and piecing it together as well as soldering and cementing the panel. Choose from several patterns and a selection of glass to create your own ready-to-be-soldered leaded panel.


Everything you ever wanted to know about kilns along with everything you never even thought of, direct from the manufacturer of Jen-Ken Kilns.



Learn how to emboss, engrave, pleat, contour and shape sheet copper to add distinctive accents to stained or fused glass art and jewelry. For unique fused glass, see how to laminate tooled sheet copper and fire between glass or how to tin and solder the copper to complement stained glass creations. Take home 2 or 3 copper art treasures and oodles of ideas for exciting future projects and a copy of Kay’s Tooling Around book.


Explore the techniques you need to capture expert images of your art, from directing and diffusing the lighting, to camera settings and use of color and gradient backgrounds.


Exciting techniques for applying digital images and layering screen-printed glass.



Take your designs from “good” to “great “ with tremendous capabilities of Glass Eye 2000, the premier computer-assisted design program for glass. Whether you are new to Glass Eye or an experienced user, this presentation will spark your imagination and provide great techniques to bring your designs to a new level.


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